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Bayley key members



Born in Seattle, Ron studied Building Construction at the University of Washington. He began his career with Bayley in 1968 as a field laborer, later working as a project manager and implementing the company’s financial and cost reporting systems. He became President and CEO in 1988.


Chief Executive Officer

Steve was born in Boulder, Colo., and received a Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering and Technology in 1985 from Montana State University in Bozeman. Steve began with Bayley in 1985 as a project engineer in the San Diego office. After being promoted to project manager, he moved to the Seattle office in 1989. Steve became construction manager in 1994, advanced to Vice President of Preconstruction and Estimating in 2007 and became President of Bayley in 2012.



Born in Bethesda, Maryland, Brandon received his Associate of Arts Degree in both Architecture and Construction Management from NOVA Community College in 1988 and 1989, respectively. Prior to college, he served in the U.S. Marine Corps both in Active Duty and in the Reserves. He joined Bayley in 1989 as a project engineer, was promoted to project manager in 1994 and then to Construction Manager in 1998. In 2007, he became VP/Senior Construction Manager for California Operations and advanced to VP of Operations in 2012. 



Born in West Germany, Mark graduated from the University of Washington in 1982, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the School of Business Administration. Mark joined Bayley in 1985 as a project engineer, was promoted to project manager in 1989, then to construction manager in 1994. He became VP and Division Manager in 2007.


leed certified builders

As a construction services company on the cutting edge of industrial innovation, Bayley has fully embraced the green construction movement.

An important component of green construction involves employing LEED Certified building techniques. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environment Design. LEED certified builders comply with the United States Green Building Council’s environmental performance standards for sustainability.

Bayley Construction is proud to participate in the green construction movement, which decreases our ecological footprint while increasing building efficiency. As a result, we create innovative, sustainable LEED certified structures that meet our clients’ needs--while ensuring our planet will remain healthy and stable for their, our, and your children’s children for generations to come.

​We are LEED Certified Builders. Green construction is a sustainable method of building design that wisely uses resources to create high quality, healthier and more energy efficient commercial structures than traditional or standard construction methods. This includes:

Environmentally friendly materials and design schemes

Comprehensive lifetime impact and expense assessments

efficient & sustainableConstruction

lean construction management

In our industry, Lean construction management is a complementary part of being green construction-LEED certified builders.

Lean construction management is a combination of operational research processes and design-development construction procedures that allow us to strategically customized an individual project to maximize efficiency across the board versus the classical, ‘one-size-fits-all’ construction model.

Lean construction management is not simply about cost savings, although its financial benefits are a great motivation in its employment. Lean construction management, and lean innovation in general, also greatly improves productivity, safety, quality, communication and cohesion between project team members, and transparent, accountable interactions between the various stakeholders a commercial construction project requires.

​Bayley Construction is proud to utilize Lean construction management for all of our commercial construction projects and services, which benefits our clients, employees and the communities they and we serve with efficiency and sustainability in mind.

Lean construction management benefits everyone involved, and is a fantastic way to manage a project through shared knowledge, relationships and common goals.