"Bayley's preconstruction services are very well thought through. They are great at preparing you with accurate budgets along the way so that there are no surprises when it comes time for construction..."

Manager, Preconstruction



Sound planning is the fundamental cornerstone of project success. Preconstruction management ensures that when it is time to start physical construction in the field, every angle has been covered. Hiring a competent, experienced preconstruction management team at the early stages of project design can avoid claims and cost overruns. ​The absolute necessity of laying a solid foundation is the reasons preconstruction management is possibly the most important of all commercial construction services. Our preconstruction management services include:

Before actual construction commences to check as-built conditions, dimensions and conditions of existing surfaces scheduled to be re-used

Reviewing drawings for the coordination of primary consultants, and performing cost comparisons for alternative materials and methods

Reviewing drawings for the coordination of primary consultants, and performing cost comparisons for alternative materials and methods

Hazard identification and mitigation utilizing elimination and/or engineered strategies to keep site workers safe

A recognized preconstruction management team can also foster a stronger, more reliable sense of teamwork based on the respect only a reputable firm is afforded in our extremely competitive industry. Our pre construction management services also focus on:

  • Project budgeting and estimating
  • Pre-ordering of long lead-time items
  • Design review and team meetings
  • Document coordination
  • Constructability review and commentary
  • Building information modeling (BIM)​

  • Life-cycle cost analysis
  • Value engineering
  • Construction phasing, sequencing and site logistics
  • Subcontractor preparation and packaging
  • Project scheduling (including preconstruction activities)
  • Safety



Our general construction services picks up where our preconstruction management leaves off, by centralizing and collaborating with everyone related to your commercial construction project. Because of this, our complete general construction services involve working hands-on with each client, project architects and all necessary subcontractors. Features of Bayley Construction’s complete general construction services include:

Schedule monitoring to ensure your project stays on target including inspections and permit processes

Advanced management systems and training, including our newly refined Project Management Database

Experienced team organization and communication including regular coordination meetings and status briefings

Bayley Construction services provide every team member with continual support from staff experts in the areas of safety, quality control, equipment and yard support for tools and vehicles, accounting, and insurance. Our services also provide active, hands-on executive guidance for all project management interpretations and field support questions.

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Design-Build is a delivery method that streamlines and simplifies two previously separate phases of construction: Project Design and General Construction. Design-Build commercial contractors form a team that includes architects, builders, engineers, estimators and other members of the construction community. The Design-Build team has five main phases:

Selecting the Design-Build Team

Preconstruction Management Assessment

Architectural Design



Unlike classical construction projects, Design-Build commercial contractors projects’ focus on collaboration and thus, these phases tend to overlap instead of remaining autonomous. By combining such a diverse multitude of industrial forces, design build commercial contractors deliver results previously thought unachievable in classical construction’s hierarchical terms. Bayley Construction has been working on design build commercial contractors projects since the early 1980’s when this format began growing in popularity.

Our strategic alliances with highly skilled experienced architects and engineers allow us to quickly and efficiently assemble custom teams whose expertise can be directly applied to a multitude of construction types. When it comes to mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection, Bayley Construction’s Design-Build commercial contractors have the knowledge and experience to prepare bid packages taking into account the timing required to build a design team, while managing the competitive process of buying out these trades.



Your Professional space is crucial to your business, but moving into a new office or retail space can be a very stressful experience. Bayley Construction is an expert in commercial tenant improvements. Our Special Projects Group expertise includes:

Bars & Restaurants

K-12 & Colleges
Exteriors & Landscaping  
Occupied Renovations
Phased Remodels