Tameka Lamar, President of Operations J J Freemann Construction & Painting, LLC (DBE/MBE Certified)

Why did you choose a career in the painting and construction industry?
In 2020, once the whole world stopped, no jobs and people were fighting over toilet paper our family got to be at home together. Unfortunately, in June the bottom floor of our home flooded. We lived through a full bottom floor renovation. My husband and I decided we can start our own company ourselves since collectively pulling our resources together to get all different trades to finish our home.

What do you love most about your job?
I love connecting with our clients on a personal level. Since we started with residential work, our first clients were family and friends. Since breaking into the commercial painting world, I really like pre bid walks and networking. 

What advice would you give to other females looking at a future in the trades?
Explore all the different trades if you can and get with a mentor. Being with my mentor, someone who has years of experience in this industry, has really opened some great opportunities for me.

How have your life experiences helped you to succeed in the trades?
My life experiences helped me succeed in life by recognizing that consistency and grit always wins. You need it in this industry due to its ever-changing seasons. Also, my mentors, I’ve always surrounded myself with people I can look up to.

What is the coolest project you’ve been a part of and why?
The coolest project I’ve been a part of is every opportunity thus far on this journey. Every project, every client is unique and I’m so grateful they chose us. It all helps us grow and learn.

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